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When you call us, you can be rest assured that all your questions and concerns will be answered accurately and honestly. We know and understand the frustrations that come during and after an arrest. We want you to know that there are options, and it is important to understand your rights and options before deciding. When you call us, we will locate the defendant, determine if bail will be necessary or if the defendant will be released on his or her own recognizance, go over the allegations and determine the amount of bail being requested. Once we have the information, we will go over bail options such as “cash” bond, “surety” bond or “property” bond. For a more in-depth review of bail options, click here. If the bail is set at a high amount, there are special accommodations that can be made with the court and aim for reduced bail or for the courts to release the defendant on their own recognizance. Each situation is unique and cannot be fully covered here but give us a call for an in-depth review of your specific situation.

Affordable Bail Bonds Services

We know that someone’s arrest is always a surprise. A lot of people who find themselves in this situation can get caught off guard and may not have much money to work with initially. We always take the time ton consider our clients financial circumstances and offer flexible payment arrangements without any extra fees or costs. Our goal is simple, helping you! We know that by going the extra mile, we build a relationship with our client and in return, we are referred to other friends and family when a friend or family is arrested. We have hundreds of 5-star reviews on google and yelp and take pride in reuniting people with their loved ones. Sorting out the mess and understanding your options is paramount. We are just a phone call away!

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We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, honesty, and transparency during trying times. We have a solid reputation and are commonly referred by former clients and attorneys. We have helped hundreds of people, even when others say no, we say yes. Our clients speak for themselves, click here to check out our reviews.

Ashely H.

A real pleasure doing business with CBB Bail Bonds. James helped me through the whole process and explained everything very thoroughly. Polite and professional customer service. These guys really set the bar for bail bonds services. After calling almost 10 other places, CCB Bail Bonds was able to give me the best rate. James worked with our budget and we were able to bring my brother home. These guys are experienced professionals and get the job done. Hopefully I will not need their services in the future but if I do, i know who to call first.

Tracy A.

Such a great experience! I recently went through the horrible experience of having my loved one incarcerated. This is by far the best experience I've had with a bail bonds. After speaking to a number of bail bonds, a lot of them the "big" names that always say they are there for you. This place has been the most helpful. James is very real he does not cut corners or beat around the bush. Very straight up with no surprises. That's how it should be, no rate changes or coming at you with a totally different dilemma then when you first spoke. If you want someone that's going to cut to the chase and get your loved one home then this is the place for you. I will be recommending to everyone that inquiries about bail! Thank you guys!

Wendy J.

Best bail bonds ever! Jose is simply amazing. I called him freaking out over my boyfriend and he guided me every step of the way. He kept me informed about everything and reassured me a millions times that everything was going to be okay. He sends me to meet up with James, another amazing man. He explained everything in detail and made me feel more at ease. Jose and James were with me the whole time. They even waiting with me at the police station. If you need help with bail bonds, Jose and James are your go to guys. I highly recommend them. I'll forever be grateful for all their help

Arrested? Understand Your Rights. We Are Here Every Step of the Way.

About CBB Bail Bonds

CBB Bail Bonds is built on a reputation of reliability, resourcefulness, and dedication to help you or your loved one. We take pride in serving our local communities in times of need. We service all of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties. We have over 20 licensed, knowledgeable, professional, and local agents that will help you navigate through the bail process. Immediately following an arrest, it is important to remain calm and collected. Make note of the arresting agency and gather the defendants’ details such as full legal name and date of birth. Your next step is to call us and we will gather all the information needed to secure the defendants release. The bail bond process can be daunting and difficult to understand or navigate but by calling us, we will explore all the available options you have, not just a bail bond, but other alternatives to bail that you may be eligible for. Regardless of the violation you or your loved one is facing, our 24-hour bail agents will help you and your family. Our mission is simple, inform you of your options, and provide you with professional service. For frequently asked questions click here. Call us anytime if you have questions or would like to consult with our bail agents 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We know the frustration and stress’ that follow during and after an arrest. We understand the importance of securing your loved one’s liberty. Posting bail with CBB Bail Bonds allow the defendant an opportunity to prepare their case pending trial. It allows the time to allocate resources, evidence or seek and retain private counsel. Trying to do this within the confines of a jail cell is next to impossible but a bail bond opens the opportunity to seek help and resources. Studies have shown that defendants who are in jail are typically offered harsher pleas than similarly situated defendants who are out on bail. If your loved one is in custody, the dynamics of the case shifts and can influence defendant to take a deal, even though the state may not have a case or presents weak evidence. Posting bail on the other hand allows the defendant to make calculated and informative decisions regarding his or her case. Research has proven that when the defendant is released on bond, this creates unique opportunities and continue personal affairs but most importantly, unifying your family. Our agents are dedicated to serving our clients in their time of need and have a vested interest in our client’s success. Our staff is here to help you from start to finish and we will work closely with you no matter the circumstances.

Fast Reliable Service

Our team handles every bond with integrity, honesty, and confidentiality. Within minutes to speaking with us, we will have answers and most importantly solutions! We are mobile and will come to you or meet in the convenience of our offices. From start to finish, we are with you the entire time.

We cover all jail facilities in Orange county, Los Angeles county, Riverside County and San Bernardino county. We can process bonds by phone, meet at any facility or jail, court, any of our branch offices or courts. Our offices are strategically located throughout Southern California so that we are only within a few minutes away from the jails.

What Is the Next Step?

Soon after someone’s arrest, we need to make note the arresting agency so that we may properly track him or her. The booking process can vary from station to station but typically, the process takes 1-4 hours. There are a few exceptions to this though, there maybe times when the detainee may require medical attention and can sometimes be transported to a county hospital or the county jail to receive treatment for preexisting health conditions, special needs or could have sustained injuries during the arrest. If this applies, the defendant needs to be evaluated by a doctor or nurse, then cleared to continue the booking process. Once the booking process has been completed, our agents will contact the jailer to obtain the following information: Booking number, Charge(s), Bail Amount requested and whether bail would be required or if the arresting agency is going to cite and release commonly known as OR release. It is possible that when someone is arrested or detained, they would be released on his or her own recognizance (OR) or could be a detention only arrest which typically means a detention only, but no charges will be filed. When you speak to us, we will find out all this information first before we decide to take the next steps.

Once we have obtained the information, assuming that your loved one will not be released on their own recognizance or arresting agency classify the arrest as an 849.5PC (detention only), the next step will be to meet with our licensed agents. We can DocuSign the forms by Email or meet you at the agency where the defendant is being temporarily housed at. The forms typically take about 5-10 minutes to fill out and we will go over bail bond disclosures and provisions. Please remember to bring your ID and utility bill or car registration. Once all forms have been signed, our agent will go into the department and meet with the jailer. The police departments can be busy from time to time but in most circumstances, this is quick process. Once the bond has been posted, the jailer will begin the release process. In most cases, the defendant will be released within 1-2 hours. Having your loved one out lifts a tremendous amount of stress and pressure. Once out on bond, the defendant will have to meet with our agents within a 48-hour window to go over forms and answer any questions, doubts, or concerns he or she may have.

If the defendant was released prior to their first scheduled court date, the first court date will get pushed out on average 30 to 60 days. The only time that a court date will not get pushed out if the defendant has appeared in court while detained. For more complicated matters such as holds, defendant is not bailable, high bail amounts or 1275 holds, we will need to conduct a review and or work with your lawyer to lift any holds and or request the courts for a bail review hearing. This process typically takes longer because there are a few things to coordinate on the court calendars and your lawyer. This will give us a fair shot in requesting the court for OR release or a bail reduction.

How to Qualify for Bail

Qualifying for bail is straightforward, most bail bond requires the following.

  • Qualified indemnitor with verifiable source of income
  • Be a US citizen, lawful permanent resident or have work authorization
  • Have a government issued ID or driver’s license
  • Recent utility bill with matching name and address

In some situations, it’s possible we may require more then one signor or collateral. This is determined by several factors. But most importantly, if collateral is used or required, this usually translates to better discounts. Most of our clients obtain rates ranging from 8% to 6% but we can go lower. For more information regarding rates, call us or submit a contact form for more assistance.

In most circumstances collateral is not always required. We have partnered with a surety that streamlines the process for us and our clients. Affordable, quick and efficiency is our motto combined with unmatched customer satisfaction and professionalism give us the advantage over out competitors.

Getting Discounts

We are dedicated to helping our clients save money by any means necessary. There are several ways that you can save:

  • Military discount
  • Senior citizen discount
  • Union member discount
  • Retained lawyer discounts
  • Premium paid in full discounts
  • Homeowner discounts
  • Student discounts
  • Collateral discounts
  • Referral discounts

One of the first things we will ask before we negotiate is to determine eligibility for reduced rates. Once we have applied all the credits, we offer payment plan options with no added charges or fees. We take pride in working with our clients on a one-on-one basis and will negotiate a payment plan that is right for you. We are flexible and reasonable. There is a reason why so many people have turned to CBB Bonds for help.

One of the benefits to dealing with a privately owned bail bond company is that we have discretion to offer rebates under proposition 13. In addition to the discounts, you would be eligible for, we can apply proposition 13 rebates resulting in better rates than any of our competitors. For more information on rates, please call us or submit a contact form.


We offer a variety of bail bond services to our communities. Felony bail bonds, misdemeanor bail bonds, warrants and surrenders can all be handled by our professional team of bail agents. We have helped lift 1275 holds and secure the defendants release in court. For more information, check out our services page for more information on Holds.

The types of bonds listed above are just some of the common types of bonds we post routinely. For more information on other bond types not listed above, please contact us at (877)373-3631. We experts in our field and none of our clients will be without service. We have gained a reputation on our industry for honesty and trustworthy. This is why so many criminal defense lawyers and clients turn to us for information and help.

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Need help locating a Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside or San Bernardino county? At CBB Bail Bonds, our staff consist of 20 licensed field agents ready to pounce on a moment’s notice. Fast convenient and local bail bonds service in Southern California. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We will invest the time with you to make sure we go over the process, but more importantly your options. Its important our clients understand their options to make an informative decision.

We are experienced and have helped thousands of people get their life back in order! We are dedicated to helping regardless of whether you use our services or not because to us, building relationships and trust with our community is key to our success. If you do not know where to turn, call us. We will figure it out with you. We can search for and lift warrants, get in touch with police departments and or courts to set a date. Our agents have navigated through difficult bail cases such as 1275 holds, out of county holds, working with your attorney in reducing bail or meeting eligibility requirements. Click here to get information on bail holds.